Patti-Ann Fitzsimmons

I am so grateful to Occupational Therapist, Eric, for his care and overall assistance in working with my father and getting him back on his feet. Eric is knowledgeable, responsive, resourceful and patient. You can tell that Eric truly cares about what he does. Eric is a true professional and I highly recommend him.

Joy Wilson

Occupational therapist Eric is great. He helped the patient, Andy, so much! Eric obviously loves his work and puts his heart into it. Andy had longstanding balance issues from brain injury and recent unrelated hospitalization. Eric’s enthusiasm, encouragement and creativity got Andy fully engaged in the healing process so that he could succeed. Thank you for all you did! It was a lucky day when we were referred to NY Therapy and Wellness.
-GW and AB-

Gloria Mahana

Having Jane as my occupational therapist is a great privilege. Her knowledge working with me has been a good experience. Her personal interaction with me is warm and encouraging. I look forward in having her work with me.

Kim L Mighty

For several months till now my patient has been attended to by a lovely occupational therapist by the name of Helen. Helen is doing a superb job…I’ve also learned a lot of techniques from her. She is a beautiful ray of sunshine when she enters the home, Helen continue delivering your great service to your clients! ❤️

Lynette Azar

JANE B.. Occupational therapist is excellent with my 87 year old Mom who has dimentia. Jane is extremely dedicated, caring and does many different activities with my mom keeping her cognitively and physically engaged helping her to follow directions.My mom loves Jane and look forward to her amazing session. . As a teacher and union rep I appreciate Jane’s professionalism and support to my mom.Our thanks and gratitude to Jane , the best Occupational therapist !!

Gloria Rijos

First and foremost I would like to thank Ruby for being not only understanding friendly kind and willing to help in any way that she can. She made me feel very comfortable and I appreciate her very much the services that I have been receiving are wonderful my therapist it’s not only respectful and kind but very understanding of the need of us baby boomers set therapy is wonderful of course it’s only as good as your therapist. So I recommend highly New York therapy from my experience with them and I told friends of mine if they’re in need of services they should contact them. When someone treats you like family it makes you feel good when someone is friendly helpful in more ways than one you want to continue with the services you are receiving. Believe me if you meet Ruby you will enjoy her her honesty are kindness and even some laughter. There was so much more I could say but my final words are this is a great company it’s a great service I’m very good people. I hope this helps anyone else who needs therapy to reach out and give them a try you will not regret it my name is Gloria rijos and I approve this message.

Yona Suval

My 95 year old mom fractured her arm and was not able to use her arm for every day tasks. I contacted New York Therapy and Wellness. We needed in home therapy, We were so pleased with their expertise and service. My mom had a wonderful young lady Helen and wow what a gem. She is a charming, loving, caring young women. My mom looked forward to her visits as she helped her with numerous routines to get her arm back in motion. Thank you Helen my mom is forever grateful. We will recommend New York Therapy to anyone that needs therapy.

Mitch Suval

I’m reviewing this on behalf of my mom (94, and understandably lagging a bit with her computer/internet skills). Here’s what she had to say about Helen: I broke my arm a few months ago and was fortunate to have as an Occupational Therapist, Helen, from New York & Wellness, 2579 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY. She was simply wonderful as my therapist, and also as a person! So emphatic, warm, and charming. She also was so patient and thorough. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a therapist with all these qualities…

Vita Campanella

When I began therapy I was unable to walk and in a weak condition. Jane my OT and John my PT worked with me to build up my strength. Their encouragement and support has helped me to regain my quality of life. I was very lucky to have them as my therapists.
Also the company was so helpful in meeting my needs. I have dealt with other agencies which were terrible. NY Therapy was the only one that made sure I was taken care of and had success.